Tuesday, June 12, 2018

With summer beginning, many of us will be spending more time outdoors. The beautiful weather and warm air both accompany the sunshine that is so refreshing after a long winter. However, the sun can cause bothersome glare off of other cars or the water as well as damage to our eyes. Polarized sun wear is a great solution to all the problems that the sun can cause during the summer.

Many of us hear polarized sunglasses are much better for your eyes and protecting them from the sun. But why is this? Well, polarized sunglasses are better for the quality of vision. Polarized lenses block glare by blocking scattering waves of light, specifically from horizontal surfaces. Polarized lenses finely tune your vision, especially during outdoor activities that introduce large amounts of glare. They were actually created by NASA Jet Propulsion Lab Scientists who studied the eyes of eagles to better understand their sharp visual acuity. They found a naturally occurring oil in eagle’s eyes that control certain properties of light by scattering and limiting certain wavelengths. These scattered wavelengths are known as glare and are also those absorbed by polarized filters in lenses, creating “eagle eye” sharpness for humans.

At Auburn Optical, polarized sun wear is available year round so you can find the perfect pair for relaxing on the beach or cruising on the boat this summer. These lenses are also UV protected so our patients have the best and healthiest lenses. We have a great selection of frames for men and women from brands like Polaroid, Vera Wang and Marc Jacobs. We also have Wiley X frames that have the perfect amount of wrap for summer activities like golfing or riding a motorcycle. Stop in and check out our awesome sun wear options this summer!

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