Thursday, January 3, 2019

Check out the research our morning co-op Erica did on Diplopia.

Diplopia is the technical term for double vision. This condition is when you see two images that could either be side by side or on top of each other. Diplopia can occur is both eyes or just a single eye. Diplopia in only one eye could be caused by cornea damage and can be fixed with the use of glasses. Lens issues such as cataracts can also be a cause of diplopia in a single eye. Surgery is the main treatment for cataracts. Diplopia in both eyes can be caused by issues within the muscles of your eye, nerves and even your brain. Conditions such as Diabetes, Graves' Disease, and even having a stroke can cause you to have double vision.

Symptoms of Diplopia include misalignment of your eyes, pain, headaches, nausea and even droopy eyelids. Diagnosis of double vision can be performed by your regular eye doctor. You could eventually have more testing including: blood tests, a physical exam and possibly even a CT scan. Surgery and medication are the most common treatments for diplopia. The treatment for double vision really depends on what caused the double vision in the first place. If the Diplopia does not go away after these treatments, their are a couple other options. Glasses, prisms, and eye patching are all forms of treatment for Diplopia to help you live with  condition.

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